Refugee Scholarship Program

Students from refugee families face some extraordinary challenges in school. Some who come from little or no formal education must learn English and catch up with American school curriculum as well as make cultural adjustments.

Realizing that this is a daunting and sensitive situation Kathy LaBue, retired director and founder of Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach, started a scholarship program to help refugee students into parochial schools. Holy Cross School and Bishop Kearney High School have been the strongest collaborators in this effort. These two schools have extended themselves to accommodate our students, who are thriving in these environments.

Deu Awuok photo

Deu Awuok

Holy Cross and Bishop Kearney are not free, so a scholarship fund has been set up to help defray tuition and school expenses. The students’ families are expected to contribute some to the cause, the students themselves are required to do community service above and beyond any requirements for same that the school expects and RRRS donates through our dedicated home-buying program. Costs run about $2000/student/year. This year we have 28 students. Please consider helping us. You can contact Kathy via her e-mail here for further information or mail checks to RRRS Scholarship Fund, att: Kathy LaBue, PO box 15733, Rochester, NY 14615. All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.

Deu Awuok signed for Canisius College on March 2 2017, where he will continue his Scholarship level scholastics and will also continue to play Soccer. Academically, Canisius is the best fit for Deu whose major will be Accounting. Deu came to the US in 2009 and will graduate Bishop Kearney June ’17. Congratulations Deu!