Our Medical Training Program
for Foreign Educated Doctors

photo of meeting of RRRS medical training program for foreign educated doctors

RRRS is involved in the Health Professionals Opportunities Grant (HPOG) as a partner with Action for a Better Community (See the HPOG update, below). As we enter our third year we were found by some foreign educated doctors (FED)seeking to become certified as doctors here in New York. During the summer of 2017 RRRS had intern Lilly Peiper research what it would take for an FED to get certified in NYS. It is a daunting task.

Foreign doctors must pass the same medical boards that domestic med students take. Early in November we created a study group led by Dr. Dali Yang (Neurologist from China) working on Medical Board Test #1. The group meets three times a week to study together. Each student must spend several hours each week in addition to group study to complete their studies in a reasonable amount of time (one year) for the exam. RRRS is pleased to supply the books and study materials for the group courtesy of a grant from the Stella Matutina Foundation. RRRS is reaching out to some area doctors to seek some mentoring for these folks. Adding physicians from refugee ethnic groups will greatly enhance health prospects for people.