Catholic Family Center's
Refugee, Immigration & Language Services

Refugee Assistance Program

As the only resettlement agency in the Rochester area, Catholic Family Center (CFC) is the focal point for refugee resettlement services in the community. CFC Refugee Assistance Programs provide the broad spectrum of services that equip newly-arrived refugees with appropriate services, resources, training and other support that will allow them to rebuild hopeful lives and pursue enriching opportunities in their adopted homeland.

Working in close coordination with local service providers, ethnic organizations, faith communities and volunteers, our program services address the collective needs of refugees in a holistic and culturally appropriate manner ensuring their successful integration, fostering their independence and promoting their earliest possible self-sufficiency.

The foundation of refugee support stems from CFC’s provision of Core Resettlement Services.  These services, delivered over the initial 6 month resettlement period, are designed to provide the basic resources, services and instruction that assist refugees in achieving self-sufficiency. Refugees may also access additional services through CFC that build upon core service activities and heighten refugees’ ability to acculturate and integrate themselves more fully into their new community.

Core Resettlement Services include:

  • Airport Reception
  • Assistance securing safe, decent and affordable housing including appropriate furnishings and household items
  • Basic Needs Assistance - provision of initial food, clothing and personal items
  • Community and Cultural Orientation
  • Assistance obtaining social security cards
  • Referrals and assistance accessing services from medical, educational, employment and public benefit agencies
  • Case Management

In addition, refugees may access the following CFC Refugee Services for up to five years from their date of arrival:

  • Employment Assistance
  • Transitional Services Support
  • Refugee Trainings & Ethnic Community Workshops
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Interpreting / Translating Assistance

Contact: Program Manager Jacquie Compagnoni 546-7220 ext.4604

Immigration Assistance Program

CFC offers limited immigration assistance for refugees targeted to assisting families apply for green cards and addressing refugee family reunification issues.

CFC specializes in immigration issues for refugees as well as for Cuban and Haitian entrants.

Contact: Immigration specialist Guillermo Cubillos (refugee issues) 546-7220 ext.4614

Contact: C/H Immigration Specialist Caylin Gwise (Cuban & Haitian entrant issues) 546-7220 ext.4617

Language Services

CFC offers interpreting and translation services to community service providers seeking to provide their services to refugees or other non-English speakers in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner.

Contact: Program Manager Florian Seger 546-7220 ext.7139

General Contact for RILS Programs:  546-7220 ext 7070

Location: Catholic Family Center • 87 Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY 14604