We Have Temporary Employees
To Meet Your Needs!

We have had a great first year with our temp agency, having had more than 30 refugees working at one time in 4 different locations. It is great to see the satisfaction that these folks get in being able to work to support themselves. It is equally pleasing to hear the compliments from employers who appreciate the great work ethic, dependability and commitment that refugees bring to the job. As we go into year two of the program we look to develop career profiles on our refugees so that we can guide them to more permanent occupations.

Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services is a Rochester-based not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to help refugee families coming into our community to become self-sufficient. If you need access to a pool of willing and able workers, RRRS is your source!

Our employment agency has it's own website - Rochester Refugees Work Hard. Please have a look for more information!


  • Refugees are legally able to work and will be superior workers. They are dependable, efficient, honest and eager to learn. Their biggest challenges are language and transportation. RRRS provides services to assist you in dealing with these challenges.
  • RRRS has a pool of refugees willing to work in temporary or permanent positions. We can provide teams from 2 to 30+ with interpreters and lead workers to ensure that your job gets done efficiently, on time and RIGHT!
  • RRRS rates are competitive. We can provide workers by the day, the week, the project.
  • Many refugees bring with them skills and abilities from their homeland. They can be trained and are able be productive quickly.
  • Most of all, refugees in the RRRS workforce WANT to work!

To learn more, contact Mike Coniff at 585-732-5803, or contact us here. Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services,759 Dewey Ave., Rochester, NY 14615